Cedar Maintenance: 'low' does not mean 'no'

One of the pitfalls of owning a low maintenance home – for example, one with cedar cladding and shingles – is to think low maintenance equals “no maintenance”. Uh uh! Sure, cedar’s natural oil defends against those enemies of timber: drying out, warping and cracking. Cedar repels insects, mildew, moss and lichen. 

Cedar’s not Superman. It needs your support, Lois. And because it’s naturally free from resin, it draws rejuvenating Wood-X oil up into its cells for up to a year after application. In other words, a little of the right treatment goes a long way. Perfect example in our image, these cedar shingles have been left unprotected from the elements for far too long!

TimberTECH's maintenance recommendations are customised to your home’s circumstances. If it’s north facing, it’ll have been taking a pounding from the sun’s UV rays all through summer. If you live in a bushy glen, it may be more in danger from moss and the like. If you live near the sea, it’ll probably need sun and sea-air tailored care.

Generally, we recommend 12-18 month regular washing and recoating for optimum protection. However, as you would know every cedar home is compeletely unique. We provide unique maintnenace plans for every cedar home to ensure optimum protection.