The Cedar Oil vs. Cedar Stain debate TimberTECH Reveals all

What debate? Oil is the way to go when it comes to cedar, no contest. While stain only coats the surface of the wood, oil works in partnership with one of cedar’s basic features. You see, cedar is a naturally oil-rich timber itself – it soaks up rejuvenating oil deep into its cells for up to a year after it’s applied.

To make our oil treatment even more successful we use Wood-X, an oil we developed with paint company Resene to suit New Zealand conditions.  Wood-X Cedar oil is designed specifically to work with this quality exterior timber.

The difference shows up when we’re preparing cedar for restoration. Sanding stain may reveal unsuspected insect, sun or moisture damage. With an oil recoat on a well maintained property, it’s just a quick, gentle clean with a bio-degradable wash, a short drying period and the re-oiling itself.

At the end of the day while we prefer an oil solution to rejuvinate cedar, stain is a popular choice for a lot of customers because of the look they are wanting to achieve with their homes. Not everybody prefers a natural timber style, so cedar stain is used to create that optimal look.  Luckily for our customers, Wood-X has a wide range of colours to choose from if they go down the stain road.