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The Cedar Property Owner’s Guide to Avoiding Ineffective and Costly Maintenance Practices.

Want to keep your Cedar home clean and protected from the elements – but not sure how?
Keen to find out how to remove and prevent mould, lichen and mildew from Cedar weatherboards?
Concerned about discoloration of your Cedar timber?

There are many misconceptions about what maintenance practices will and won’t work with Cedar. Here’s a very common myth we hear all the time:

'I’m just going to let it silver off'.

If you follow this poor advice and avoid Cedar Maintenance altogether, your Cedar will eventually cup, crack and split and you will need to replace it.

It’s packed with tips and information that took us 20 years to accumulate, but will only take you 15 MINUTES to read. You’ll learn:

  • The real truth about Cedar and its benefits for cladding and doors.
  • Staining or oiling? Pick the right option here and avoid what is probably the most common mistake Cedar property owners make.
  • The four common misconceptions about Cedar cladding.
  • What your timber’s real enemies are (and what you can do about it).
  • Tips for keeping maintenance costs down without compromising the beauty or resilience of your cedar timber.

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