Scandinavian silver – is natural best?

Is that Scandinavian silvered look your favourite? The best way to achieve it is leaving it to happen naturally, isn’t it? Absolutely not! Unfortunately, most silvering is a sign of severe damage.

Silvering is caused by the fraying and loosening of the top cells of the cedar under long-term UV battering. Moss, mildew and lichen invade when the wood is so badly sun damaged – opening it up to more damage from driving rain and dirt-laden winds.

So is there any way to have the silver look you love, and still protect your cladding? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Wood-X, the deep penetrating wood oil we developed with Resene, comes in an exciting range of colours – 40 in fact. From rich reds and bush greens to a daring indigo blue – and a whole range of wood-protecting silvers.

So you can have the look you love – with the confidence of knowing that your cedar is in tip-top condition.

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