WINNER ANNOUNCED for $3,000 of Cedar maintenance!!!

Congratulations to Robin Dixon from Dome Valley.

The winner of $3000 of Cedar Maintenance

A few words from the Winner

'I am super excited.

I was standing outside on my deck when Mark rung to tell me I’d won. I have been trying to clean the deck for a couple of months now but it is such a daunting job and when he said you’ve won, I said AWESOME! You can clean my deck then!!!'

The good news for Robyn is she is getting much more than a beautiful deck.

Robin owns a large Cedar house with both standard horizontral and shiplap Cedar cladding. The TimberTECH technicians will clean the whole house including the deck and give it a much needed coat of oil.

TimberTECH director Mark Ralph says:

'This is a beautiful Cedar home from the nineties that has been very well maintained. The cladding is dry and ready for a recoat but it’s very straight forward because of previous maintenance. It will come up like new very quickly.'

Robin now has a new Summer ahead:

'We are having a staycation this Summer, which means just staying home and not going away anywhere. With the deck how it was I didn’t even want to have people over. Now I am looking forward to having people over, the timing couldn’t be better. My husband gets out of buying me a Christmas present!!'