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To keep your Cedar looking its best, and to protect your biggest asset, Cedar cladding requires treatment. 

New Zealand’s hot summers and wet cold winters can lead to mildew and mould getting a toehold; left untreated, this can lead to the weatherboards cracking or cupping and impact the value of your property. 

Treating Cedar can also mean transforming the look and colour of your Cedar; think modern black or stylish white weatherboards. 

Cedar is a soft, easily damaged timber, and treating it is a specialist job.

You may require some, or all of the below services.

To understand what’s right for your Cedar, TimberTech will come to you and  conduct a free Cedar Diagnosis to help you understand what your Cedar needs, and why.

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Cleaning & Washing

Signs Cedar Cleaning and Washing is required : Cedar looks worn, dirty or tired.

Outcome: Cedar is clean, bright, fresh and free of dirt.

Treatment: We chemically clean the timber with a specialist organic mould and fungal cleaner. A soft wash that will not damage the Cedar removes oxidised stain and dirt/mould/debris.

Oil Moisturisation

Signs Cedar Oil Moisturisation is required: Cedar  weatherboard is dry, cracked or cupping.

Outcome: Hairline cracks disappear, cupping reduces, boards look refreshed.

Treatment: We gently wash the timber with a specialist organic mould and fungal cleaner removing oxidised stain, aged timber and leaving the timber open and ready for moisturising. We add oil to coat and protect the Cedar from the elements. Adding a tint acts as a sunblock against harsh UV rays.

Cedar Stripping

Signs Cedar Stripping is required: The finish of the stain on the Cedar is uneven, flaking or peeling, exposing Cedar underneath.

Outcome: Cedar finish is even, smooth and ready for any type of coating.

Treatment: We apply an organic stripping agent to the timber removing the broken down stain so the Cedar has an even finish, ready for oiling or staining.

Cedar Protection

Signs Cedar Protection is required: When wet, water soaks into the timber rather than beading off, or, you may see silvering showing through the tint.

Outcome: Cedar is protected: water beads on the surface.

Treatment: Light wash with organic mould and fungal cleaner, and coating with an oil or stain.

Cedar Colouring

Signs Cedar Colour is required: The colour has faded, or is silvering. 

Outcome: Cedar looks beautiful, vibrant and glossy. Even, rich colour. 

Treatment: After gently washing the timber, we remove oxidised or aged stain and recoat the timber to revive or transform the colour.

Your Free Cedar Diagnosis

TimberTech comes to you, or we review the supplied photos of your Cedar. Next, we provide you with a professional treatment plan.

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